The gas plumbers Geelong converts with

The gas plumbers Geelong trusts for barbecue conversions

Spring sunshine has finally arrived and the first whiff of grilled snags is in the air as barbecues emerge from beneath their winter covers and fire up for the first time since autumn.

Cooking in the great outdoors is one of the joys of the warmer months of the year and, as gas plumbers in Geelong, one question we get asked every barbie season is whether it’s possible to hook the LPG gas barbecue up to natural gas.

Well, the answer is yes but that’s a qualified yes! Natural gas conversion – or any gas work for that matter – is certainly not a job for an amateur and is a task best left to professional gas fitters such as Barwon Gas, the gas plumbers Geelong and district can rely on.

To begin with, your regular LPG barbecue needs some adjustment before it can start burning natural gas. Gas that comes out of the mains comes out at a lot lower pressure than LPG in bottles, which means a difference in flame height on your burners. The low setting on your LPG barbecue will be too low on natural gas to do any good. You’ll need an adjustment of the valve connecting to the burner so it can work with natural gas and ensure the barbecue’s low setting is burning properly.

As well as changing the valve on your burner you will also need to change your barbecue’s regulator. With LPG barbies, the regulator and the hose connect to the gas bottle. With natural gas, you need a regulator that fits on the end of the gas pipe. This is a job for the gas plumbers Geelong and district backyard chefs can trust – Barwon Gas. We’ll make the adjustments to your barbecue so that it’s safe for summer.

A couple of points to remember, though. Most barbies sold in Australia are designed to work with LPG gas and not natural gas. If you’re going to convert, make sure the conversion is worth it. In other words, it makes no sense spending money on parts and calling a plumber to your Geelong home if your barbecue is only worth $150 in the first place. The more expensive the barbecue, the more cost effective it is to convert.

The other thing to remember is that once you’re hooked up to the natural gas main, you can’t drag the barbie to the nearest shady spot or down the back yard . Mains connection means the barbecue stays put.

Yep, natural gas is cheaper than LPG but trust your gas plumber, Geelong and district backyard cooks – you need to weight up the pros, cons and overall cost before making the conversion. It might not be worth it.

Contact Barwon Gas in Geelong if you’d like to discuss a natural gas conversion for your barbecue, or for any other gas plumber work.