Geelong Commercial Plumbing

Barwon Gas is licensed to take care of all your commercial plumbing requirements.

We are experienced commercial plumbers familiar with all facets of the industry including thermostatic mixing valve testing, backflow testing, programmed and preventative maintenance contracts and commercial plumbing fit outs.

Thermostatic Mixer Valve Testing

Thermostatic mixer valves (TMV) are used in a wide variety of applications including restaurants, nursing homes and pre-schools. The TMV blends hot water with cold water to ensure a constant temperature to prevent scalding injuries. The licensed commercial plumbers at Barwon Gas can complete your regular TMV testing.

Backflow Testing

We are also licensed to carry out backflow testing. Simply, backflow is when bad water has the chance to mix with clean water due to the reversal of the normal direction of water flow which may result in pollution or contamination of the water system. A backflow preventer device must be tested regularly by a licensed commercial plumber to ensure its operating properly. Barwon Gas can test, service, repair or replace all makes and models of backflow prevention devices.

Programmed and Preventative Maintenance Contracts

At Barwon Gas we have extensive experience in programmed and preventative maintenance on some of Geelong’s largest industrial sites. Our planned and programmed commercial plumbing maintenance service allows our clients peace of mind as it helps ensures that equipment operates properly.

Commercial Fit Outs

We are also experienced in commercial plumbing fit outs. Barwon Gas can install kitchens, sinks, bathrooms and toilets in commercial premises to comply with regulations.

Barwon Gas specialise in all aspects of plumbing. We are experienced in domestic plumbing requirements including heating and cooling, roof plumbing as well as gas, electric and solar hot water system supply, installation and repair.

Contact Barwon Gas for any and all commercial plumbing work.