Barwon Gas Geelong - FAQs

Are the plumbers at Barwon Gas qualified?

Yes. We are qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters so you can be assured that all our plumbing and gas plumbing work complies with regulations.

What areas does Barwon Gas service?

We service a very large area due the extensive range of commercial and domestic plumbing services we are licensed to carry out. Barwon Gas is located in Geelong but regularly works along the Surf Coast, on the Bellarine Peninsula as well as out to Bannockburn and Lara.

Can most natural gas appliances be converted to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)?

Most natural gas appliances can be converted but it must be done by a licensed gasfitter or gas plumber. The gas plumber is responsible for making sure the appliance is suitable for conversion and ensuring the appliance is certified for use on LPG. Some gas appliances are not designed for use on LPG and cannot be converted.

Can anyone convert a natural gas appliance to LPG?

Only a professionally licensed gas plumber can convert a natural gas appliance to LPG. The gas plumber will check the appliance to make sure that the conversion is possible.

My hot water unit is leaking water. What should I do?

If the water leak is substantial (more than a bucket of water in 24 hours) and continuous, contact Barwon Gas. All water heaters will eventually need to be replaced however we can try to repair your hot water service. If repair is not possible we can quickly install a new gas, electric or solar hot water system.

We don’t have enough hot water. What can we do?

There are a number of reason why you may be running out of hot water. One of the most common is the water heater is not big enough for your needs. Barwon Gas can help in a number of ways. We can install a water-saving shower head and also fit flow control valves to your showers, basins and sinks to reduce water consumption. Most customers choose to replace their hot water system with a larger unit or install a continuous flow hot water unit such as a Rinnai.

What is a continuous flow hot water unit?

Rather than storing water in a unit and keeping it heated ready for use, a continuous flow hot water system works by heating water as it passes through the unit. This reduces your energy bills as you only use energy to heat your water when you need it. Barwon Gas can advise if a continuous flow hot water system would be suitable for you and can arrange fast and friendly gas hot water heater installation.

Do you need to use a commercial plumber for backflow testing?

Only a licensed commercial plumber may install backflow prevention devices and it is essential that a qualified plumber test these devices annually. Barwon Gas should be your first choice in backflow testing because in addition to installing and testing the devices, we also service, repair and can replace all makes and models.