Deep fryer repair specialists

It never fails to amaze us when we are called in to a hospitality business by any of the catering equipment manufacturers we work for to find that we are there to repair a brand new deep fryer that has been installed incorrectly or not commissioned upon installation. To make it worse, the old fryer is usually still sitting to the side somewhere destined for the scrap heap because “the other bloke said it was stuffed”. To the untrained eye it definitely looks the case but to someone who knows these things inside out, I can promise you right now that “the other bloke” had no idea what he was talking about. Due to him not being trained correctly in diagnoses and repair of commercial catering equipment, you are now about $3500 lighter off than you would have been had you called Barwon Gas to get it repaired right the first time. To rub the salt in a little bit further, we can also repair most fryers same day as we carry most parts, which also means minimal down time waiting for the new fryer to arrive. Worth a second opinion next time don’t you think?