Hot water installations, Geelong and district

Chilly and clear winter mornings are beautiful except when the hot water system is on the blink. Climbing from a warm, snug bed and into an icy shower is not the ideal start to any day.

At Barwon Gas we are the team for hot water installations in Geelong and district and will provide prompt professional service to get your hot water flowing again.

During the past winter we have been busy repairing or replacing hot water heaters that just couldn’t cope with the demands placed on them. Unfortunately, a lot of the call outs for our plumbers might have been avoided if the homeowners had undertaken a little maintenance, made a few checks and shown a little TLC to their hot water systems.

We’ve come up with a few basic points for homeowners to check before calling in our  hot water installation team in Geelong:

Gas hot water installations

There’s no gas. If your gas is off, then your hot water won’t work. Check that other gas appliances are working, such as the stove or heater. If other gas appliacnes are working, then you might have a problem with your hot water heater. If your other appliances aren’t working, call your gas provider before calling the plumber. The gas might be off for a reason.

Make sure your pilot light is working. If the pilot light is out, your gas hot water heater cannot work. Check the user’s manual and attempt to relight the pilot light. If the pilot light won’t start, then call our plumbers in Geelong.

Is the thermostat working? Check that somebody hasn’t twiddled with the thermostat. If it looks like it’s in the right position, it might be time to call the plumber.

Electric hot water installations

The power is off. Without electricity, your hot water heater won’t work. Check that the power is on. A quick look at your switchboard will show if the power is on. If the power is on and no fuses have blown or tripped, then it might be time to call the plumber.

Is the hot water heater plugged in and turned on? Check that the power cord to your hot water heater is connected and turned on. Children and pets get up to all sorts of antics and pulling our power cords or accidentally turning off switches are common. If the cord is in and power turned on, consider the plumber.

Is the thermostat working and are the thermostat settings correct? Check the thermostat and make sure it’s where it should be and somebody hasn’t adjusted the settings.

Solar hot water installations

Is the sun out? Consider the weather. If it’s been overcast for a prolonged time then your system will not be functioning at capacity.

Are your solar panels in shade? Check your yard and neighbouring properties to determine whether trees or new structures are affecting the sunshine on your panels. Cut back your trees and talk to your neighbours about their trees or other structures that might be blocking the sun.

Has a fuse blown or switch tripped? Check fuses and circuit breakers for electric systems. Make sure your other electric appliances are working.

Is the alternative power source working? Check gas supplies for gas-supported systems and electricity supply for electricity-boosted systems. Ensure gas or electricity is working on other appliances.

Our checklist is only basic but it might save you calling in a plumber. If, after you’ve performed your checks, you still have problems then you might need repairs or, at worst, a new hot water heater. At Barwon Gas we are experts in hot water installation in Geelong and district. Our qualified plumbers work with all major brands and will recommend the best system for your situation. Don’t suffer cold showers any longer than you have to, contact our professional team and we’ll repair or install a new hot water system for you.