Safety month for plumbers Geelong and beyond

Like most tradies, Barwon Gas, the plumbers Geelong and district can always turn to, have safety as a priority at all times.

Safety is an issue we continuously promote, ensuring we keep ourselves and our clients safe from the dangers that go hand-in-hand with our line of work. We don’t usually broadcast the safety message, it’s just an everyday facet of our work underpinning every job we undertake, no matter whether our plumbers are in Geelong in a drain, or on a rooftop on the Surf Coast.

But while we don’t necessarily shout our safety message from the rooftops most of the year, each October our plumbers in Geelong join in a national campaign to reinforce the safety message, for both our workers and for our customers. October is Safety Month Australia, a month where health and safety have even greater focus than usual.

This year’s Safety Month Australia has the theme “Work Safe, Home Safe” and is all about staying safe at work so you can go home at the end of each day to the most important people in your life – your family. It’s a message plumbers Geelong and beyond take seriously and in October we want to help reinforce the message so that everybody is more conscious about staying safe at work.

Staying safe at work doesn’t require much effort; most of the time it simply involves using your eyes, ears and mouth. If you see or hear of a safety issue, then speak up. Either make the area safe yourself or tell the appropriate person on the worksite and get the safety hazard sorted.

At Barwon Gas we endeavour to implement top-level safety precautions at all times but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. Our workers have instructions to check and double-check so that safety comes first on every plumbing job and to take action to avoid injuries to anybody.

If you want to join our plumbers in Geelong in promoting workplace safety during October then head to the Safe Work Australia website or the Victorian WorkCover Authority website where you’ll find information about Safety Month Australia. You’ll find a virtual safety seminar with videos and other resources about workplace health and safety, details about safety celebrations and information about becoming a safety ambassador. You can even enter the Safety Month Workplace Participation Reward for a chance to win prizes worth $5000.

We’re happy to talk to you about our approach to safety at work. Simply get in touch and we’ll explain why safety is paramount, not just on our worksite but for any work place because every worker should arrive home safe and sound at the end of the day.