Geelong hot water

Hot water is probably the most under rated and least thought of appliance in the home. No one really thinks about the humble hot water system until it’s too late for the faithful old servant. Quite often we find that what started off as a minor issue which would have been a quick fix in the hands of a trained professional, has blown out to a full unit replacement due to a DIY repair attempt or even a so called tradesman who doesn’t have the correct knowledge or skills for the job.

If your hot water system is showing signs of age and neglect such as rusty water coming through, leaks around the unit itself, inconsistent temperature or any other concerns, call the team at Barwon Gas to get it sorted. We pride ourselves on being able to diagnose and repair the problems that have most throwing their hands in the air and telling you that you need a new system.

Whether you have a problem with your gas, electric or solar hot water system, call us first. We may be able to save you the unnecessary cost of a full replacement by replacing a simple part. Worst case scenario, if it’s beyond repair. We can do the replacement and you will still be better off knowing that your new system has been installed to regulation and commissioned by an expert rather than a cowboy.