Backflow prevention device testing Geelong and surrounds

Backflow prevention devices are installed in certain properties which may be classified as of a higher risk of a possible backflow incident from the private pipework to the authorities main. If this was to happen, the result couldĀ range from a minor inconvenience all the way through to multiple fatalaties. Once installed, all registered backflow devices must be tested every 12 months to ensure that they are functioning correctly, and will prevent any backflow conditions which may arise.

To legally test the backflow prevention device such as reduced pressure or double check valve prevention devices, the tester must be licensed with the Victorian Building Authority in the specialised class of Backflow prevention.

If you have been directed by your water authority to have your backflow prevention device tested, please give Barwon Gas a call to get it sorted out. We can also give an audit of the place and tailor a 12 monthly preventative maintenance program for you which incorporates any backflow devices, gas appliances evaporative coolers etc.