Coffee roaster installation in Cobden

We were recently contacted by a coffee roaster in Cobden who had purchased a second-hand Has Garanti roaster, asking if we could install and commission it.

Normally installation of any gas appliance is fairly straightforward, but on this occasion it turned out to take a little more than the customer anticipated.

Firstly all coffee roasters are type B gas appliances, which means a lot more work in getting approval from ESV than a type A.

Secondly, my Turkish vocal skills are possibly not quite what you would call conversational – so finding information on the machine was a little difficult.

Thirdly, the unit formerly had a remote mount operation panel, which didn’t come with it from the previous owner. This resulted in all the wiring simply being cut off and left unlabelled, and without a wiring diagram very difficult to re-instate.

In the end, I made the decision to simply remove all existing wiring and re-wire the whole thing.

Once this was complete and commissioning approval was granted by ESV, I now found that the burner emissions were a long way above acceptable levels. This meant that I now had to build a new burner from scratch for the roaster.

Not a drama, a modified set of burners from a pool heater, new manifold made from steel tube, add on a new pilot and we are done.

Coffee roaster happy, ESV happy, and gasfitter happy.