Evaporative cooling service and repairs Geelong

Now that winter seems to be starting to back off a bit, it’s time to think about the evap that will keep you comfortable over summer.

It’s a good idea to check out how it’s going to run before you actually need it by giving it a test run on the next warm day to see if there are any noticeable changes in its operation.

Think about this, you know the amount of dust that appears on your windows over time? Well imagine how much of that dust would stick if the windows were damp.

Of course the next time it rains it will wash your windows back to fairly clean again, unfortunately with your evap, it can only wash inside the unit and gradually build up over time (especially if you live in an estate still under construction), constantly reducing the efficiency of the unit.

Any strange noises, excessive water discharge or just a general reduction in cooling capacity could all be caused by a fault which may well be repaired by just giving the unit a simple service. If of course any problems are found which require parts to be replaced, it is far more in your interest to have it sorted out before the peak of summer.

Phone Barwon Gas to arrange a service on your cooler, before you find out that it’s not working on a 40 degree day.