Coffee roaster on the move!

After having set up a coffee roaster for P.J.’s roast in Cobden back in early 2016, we were more than happy to hear from Paul again when he let us know that they had outgrown the existing premises and were moving on up to a commercial building in their home town. They were going to be re locating the existing coffee roaster and equipment which meant re-certifying the roaster as well as converting it from L.P.G. to natural gas which was now available to them at the new premises. We also had to run the new gas line which was now a complex installation due to having a Type B appliance connected to it. The job was completed within the two week timeline that Paul had requested with minimal disruption to the production of the fabled beans which he is becoming renowned for. We were rapt to hear that business has been going well for them and wish them the best in the future.