Vulcan/Pyrox Heritage heater safety check

Energy safe Victoria have announced that all householders who have a Vulcan or Pyrox heritage gas space heater are being urged to not use their heater until they have been checked by a licensed gasfitter. Under certain circumstances these heaters can produce carbon monoxide which is an odourless, invisible product of incomplete combustion which combined with either poor installation and/or lack of servicing can and have led to fatalities. According to the director of Energy safe, “both the Pyrox and Vulcan brands of the Heritage heater produce high levels of carbon monoxide under certain conditions”, and “This is a timely reminder that everyone should have indoor gas appliances, especially heaters, checked by a qualified gasfitter every two years”.

This program is currently aimed at Vulcan and pyrox heaters, but more generally at all open flued heaters which are ultimately of the same design. The Vulcan/Pyrox heaters have been manufactured since 1977 and other brands for even longer with no real change in design since. With house design and insulation values having changed dramatically since 1977, these types of heaters now pose an enormous risk to the inhabitants.

Please read the following alert from the Victorian government.

For a safety check on your heater, please call Barwon Gas today.